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Cloud Storage Security

Strong Security Systems And Practices Safeguard Your Data

Physical Security

Your data is hosted in premier Tier IV data center facilities that are highly secure, fully redundant, and certified for SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliance. Each site is staffed 24/7/365 with on-site security personnel to protect against unauthorized entry. Security cameras continuously monitor the entire facility—both indoors and outdoors. Biometric readers and two-factor or greater authentication mechanisms secure access to the building. Each facility is unmarked so as not to draw attention from the outside.

Secure Network Architecture

Our IDC employs advanced network security elements, including firewalls and other boundary protection devices to monitor and control communications at internal and external network borders. These border security devices segregate customers and regulate the flow of communications between networks to prevent unauthorized access to IFC infrastructure and services.

Data Privacy and Security

IFC supports a comprehensive set of data privacy and security capabilities to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure. Strong user authentication features tightly control access to stored data. Access control lists (ACLs) and administratively defined policies selectively grant read/ write and administrative permissions to users, groups of users, and roles. IFC encrypts data at rest and data in transit to prevent leakage and ensure privacy. All data stored on IFC is encrypted by default to protect data at rest. And all communications with IFC are transmitted using HTTPS to protect data in transit.

Data Durability and Protection

IFC cloud storage is engineered for extreme data durability and integrity. IFC provides 99.9% object durability, protecting data against hardware failures and media errors. In addition, IFC supports an 90-Day data immutability capability that protects data against administrative mishaps or malicious attacks. An immutable object cannot be deleted or modified by anyone—including IFC. IFC data immutability protects against the most common causes of data loss and tampering including accidental file deletions, viruses and ransomware by protecting it from deletion for 90-Days.

Brute Force Protection

You need an infrastructure that can stand strong against even the most powerful brute force attacks. That’s why we provide you with brute force protection that logs invalid login attempts and slows down multiple attempts from a single user, making it virtually impossible for somebody to guess a password from one or more users.

Security hardening

The HTTPs feature lets the server set specific restrictions on resources that are opened within a browser. For instance, only allowing the loading of images or JavaScript from specific sources. CSP 3.0 is the latest and greats version, which increases the barrier for attacks and exploits Site Scripting vulnerability.

Secure Authentication

Your data is critical and we are understand it. The safety and security of the cloud storage service and the protection of your data is our primary concern.

Reliable Cloud Storage Services

We provide cloud based enterprise hosting, server and storage solutions of unmatched quality in an exceptional environment.

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