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A new generation cross-platform cloud backup tool

IFCData backs up your files to many cloud storages with client-side encryption and the highest level of deduplication


Multiple clients can back up to the same storage at the same time,Only back up what has been changed.


Identical files must be stored as one copy (file-level deduplication), and identical parts from different files must be stored as one copy (block-level deduplication)


Encrypt not only file contents but also file paths, sizes, times, etc.


Although each backup is incremental, it must behave like a full snapshot for easy restore and deletion.

Key Features

  • Easy interface no need for training
  • Unlimited upload folders
  • Password protection
  • Encryption at rest & in transit
  • User friendly
  • Versatile
  • Unlimited Data
  • Auto Thread & Throttle
  • Central Administration
  • Desktop clients
  • Unlimited Speed
  • 90 Day Rollback History

Desktop Software

Using an encrypted connection, IFCDATA Files clients for desktop systems provide users with the ability to backup and sync files in a secure environment. This feature supports automatic video and picture uploads, which can seamlessly synchronized to selected folders.

Logging and monitoring

Ifcdata comes with built-in monitoring and logging tools for your benefit. Compatible with industry standard tools like Splunk, Nagios and OpenNMS - you receive a full, compliance-ready activity log for all your reporting and auditing needs.

Brute Force Protection

We believe in keeping your files safe and secure, under even the most powerful attacks. That’s why our intelligent brute force protection logs invalid login attempts and slows down multiple attempts from a single user. This feature protects you from users attempting to guess your password and break into your files.

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