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Secure Cloud Storage for Business

Our intuitive, stress-free interface allows users to seamlessly send and receive files.

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User Control

Create users, groups, shared groups for your employees. Create grouped folders for your customer and vendors for standard files.

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Shared with Others

Share your documents company wide or to external users. Password protect files while sharing and give limits.

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Shared with you

Get instant access to files shared by your collegues instantly with out the too and fro of emails.

Cloud Platform

Easy and Controlled Access Anywhere, Anytime.

IFCDATA Files provide institutions like banks, hospitals and government agencies with the ability to send and receive files with their partners, customers or clients safely. Our mobile and web interfaces offer users a stress-free way to send and receive files without any risk

This stress-free mobile and web interfaces enable users to send or receive files from other users on the server, to let other users share files to the private cloud, to generate and send password-protected public links, also get notifications on phone or desktop when the user is on another cloud server.

Key features

  • Easy interface no need for training
  • Unlimited shares and upload folders
  • Show/hide existing files
  • (Push) notifications
  • PDF/Image preview
  • Templated sharing emails
  • Mobile and desktop clients
  • Read only/write permissions
  • File retention
  • Comprehensive audit tracking
  • Anti-virus scanning
  • Password protection
  • Expiration date
  • Encryption at rest & in transit
  • Edit/rename without link change

Mobile an Desktop Software

Using an encrypted connection, IFCDATA Files clients for iOS, Android and desktop systems provide users with the ability to share and sync files in a secure environment. This feature supports automatic video and picture uploads, which can seamlessly synchronized to selected folders.


As an administrator, you can set specific permissions on the sharing and access of files. With that being said, permissions of underlying storage will be respected by ifcdata.

Fine-tuned File Access Control

IFCdata’s powerful worktools provide administrators with the ability to limit data access in accordance to business and legal requirements.

Easy File Auditing

Ifcdata logs data in the ifcdata.log file assigned in the root of its data directory. Use this tool as a means of Data Loss Prevention or Mobile Device Management since user agent information is available.

Logging and monitoring

Ifcdata comes with built-in monitoring and logging tools for your benefit. Compatible with industry standard tools like Splunk, Nagios and OpenNMS - you receive a full, compliance-ready activity log for all your reporting and auditing needs.

Brute Force Protection

We believe in keeping your files safe and secure, under even the most powerful attacks. That’s why our intelligent brute force protection logs invalid login attempts and slows down multiple attempts from a single user. This feature protects you from users attempting to guess your password and break into your files.